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Gardner Angus is located 16 miles North of Winnett, in Petroleum County, Montana.   Our ranch has been in the family for 3 generations and is currently owned and operated by Ray & Shari Gardner. We take pride in our family ranching business and recognize that we are a dying breed, so we are thankful to be able to do what we love!

Sagebrush, rocks, shortgrass, grasshoppers, rattlesnakes, rough terrain, extreme weather and lack of water do not make a very promising scenario for raising cattle but these are the elements we deal with. Our cattle have adapted and acclimated to this environment, to the point that even in years of drought they produce consistently and efficiently.

While our cattle's environment is working against them, we still expect them to maintain exceptional soundness, udder quality, and fleshing ability while maintaining an eye appealing maternal look about them. 

We select sires with proven carcass and high maternal traits, we breed cattle that can survive, reproduce and make a profit from birth to the meat counter. We do practice line breeding and strive to produce as many 1/2 and 3/4 blood calves as possible.

We have an extensive AI & embryo transfer program that has allowed us to advance our genetic base quickly. We are committed to producing genetics that positively enhance the traits that affect the profitability of our cattlemen. 

We put approximately 150 replacement bred heifers back into our herd annually. These heifers are selected on quality, temperament and performance and they are AI bred on their first heat cycle.

Our bulls are sold on private treaty and we also have a few embryo Black Simmental bulls for sale. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our bulls.

Our cattle have been culled by mother nature first and by us second! We are very select in choosing cattle with low to moderate birth weights, docility, rapid early growth, structural correctness and superior efficiency with natural fleshing abilities.  

We raise both registered and commerical Angus with the majority being commercial. For that reason, we feel that we have a very practical idea of what is needed and wanted in the commerical market. 

If you want top quality Angus seedstock for "tough country, tough times, and tough requirements," contact us today!

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